Dr. Elsworth Neale is a Native of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, who resides in Barbados. He is married to the lovely Julie Neale for 14 years, a union which produced three wonderful children

Dr. Neale has been pastoring for 15 years and is currently the Pastor of Ashton Hall Evangelistic Centre in Barbados; he is the deputy Principal and lecturer of the West Indies School of Theology Barbados Campus

Dr. Neale received a diploma in Bible and Theology from the West Indies School of Theology, a Masters of Letters in Family life Education and a PHD in integration of religion and society from Oxford Graduate School and is a member of the oxford society of scholars.

Dr. Neale believes strongly in healthy living and was trained as a Health Minister with Hallelujah Acres, in Shelby North Carolina.

Dr. Neale is very passionate about youth and family issues. He served as Youth Director for Youth for Christ, St. Vincent; PAWI St. Vincent District youth ministries; and assistant general youth director PAWI International youth ministries; and conducts family life seminars in several Caribbean countries.

Dr. Neale is the founder of Kingdom Mentoring Network, a ministry that provides mentoring to youth, singles, engaged couples, and families from newlyweds to Empty-Nesters. Dr. Neale is also an academic coach and provides coaching and research services through Neale’s Academic Coaching and Research Services (NACARS).

Charity No. 243

Mentoring uses the same skills as coaching but is a longer term relationship that looks at future goals versus the short term goals actioned in coaching.

Mentoring is development driven. In coaching once you successfully acquire the skills, degree etc. the coach is no longer needed.  The purpose of mentoring is to develop the individual not only for the current job, but also for the future. Hence, even though you gain some personal development on the job via your supervisor/mentor your E-mentor takes you beyond the scope of your current job into the realm of your potential future.

The mission of Kingdom Mentoring Network Service is to build the body of Christ through healthy individual and family relationships.

Therefore, your E-mentor will help you to stay focused and assist you to lead a balanced and wholesome lifestyle.  Many issues that distract individuals from their purpose or focus in life are open for discussion in a safe environment to help you to overcome any challenge that you are facing so that you can continually succeed.


Tel:      (246)-249-0322 Barbados

Tel:      (561)-594-4729 USA

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  • I Have Soul Ties From A Broken Relationship 
  • Should I Listen To Love Songs or Kiss Before Marriage?
  • What's wrong With Going To The Movies? 
  • Am I Mature Enough To Have A Relationship? 
  • Is Sex Proof Of True Love?
  • ​I'm Dealing With Affair & Betrayal.


  • Dr Neale will discuss any issue that you are struggling with. Register your interest below.​


  • Mentoring is not a one way street and does not have to be face to face. Hence this fantastic online E-Mentoring service.
  • Mentoring is not a time consuming process.  
  • Developing a mentoring relationship is not complicated.
  • Mentor relationships do not happen on their own.
  • You can have more than 1 mentor at a time for specific goals.
  • Your mentor does not have to be older than you.
  • Your mentor will refer you for relevant support if needed: be it health and nutrition ranging to psychological support.  You will have access to advice from experts on any issue.

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