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Kingdom Mentoring Network allows you to interact with a personal mentor online or in person when you are dealing with a difficult life issue.  

Kingdom mentors provide one-to-one help and hope by listening to you, praying with and for you, and encouraging you. Whatever your concern your singleness, your fiance/fiancée, your marriage, your sex life, your children, or any other aspect of your relationships—Kingdom mentors are available to help. 

Kingdom Mentoring Network provides:

          ·          24-hour access to free, online, or in person help

          ·          custom matching to a mentor

          ·          guidance and encouragement from a biblical perspective

          ·          Kingdom mentors who will make you feel heard, valued, prayed for, and encouraged.

Kingdom mentors are recruited based on a number of qualifications including a level of spiritual maturity,
relational/emotional maturity, genuine love for people, prayerful heart, humility, and a love for Jesus Christ. 

Please review our Terms of use page and agree before requesting a kingdom mentor.  Once you have reviewed the page, fill out the form below and we will personally respond to you by email at the address you give us. Our mentors will generally reply back within a few days. Feel free to respond to your mentor's email anytime to continue the
dialogue, ask questions, or find additional encouragement.